Anyone up for a game of Monopoly?

Monopoly is one of the most recognized board games in the world. Monopoly is a game typically played with friend and family. But did you know Monopoly can be traced by to 1903? Monopoly can be traced to Elizabeth Magie. However, at the time, Monopoly was called the Landlord’s Game. The Landlord’s Game showed a negative feel to Georgism- a new form a government created by King Henry George. Most people don’t even know what ”monopoly” even means. Well, monopoly is a company/ business controls a large sum of other business’ to overpower and take over a specific field. Therefore, if a company has a monopoly, they will most likely have no other competition and will be able to rise up the prices as  much as they can. Elizabeth wanted to teach kids about the unfairness of monopoly, and hoped they would spread on this information to their parents.


Monopoly never got its name until 1933, when a version of the Landlord’s Game was recreated by the Parker Brothers. Monopoly continued to dominate the gaming industry for decades. Monopoly was even used during World War II. During World War II, items held in Monopoly boxes were given to soldiers who were captured in prisons to help them escape. This inspired a World War II edition of Monopoly.


To this day, Monopoly has been the highest selling board game in the world. There are many versions of this great board game today. (Too many to list) Monopoly inspired a whole generation of board games t follow, and will always go down in history. But once you realize the roots of something, you might be surprised to find out the history that lies behind.

My Favorites

Favorites are the defining factor of everything to date. Favorites start conversations. Favorites can label you in a good or bad way. He are my favorite


Favorite Book:

My favorite book is the Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan. Personally, I think Andrew Klavan is an amazing writer and the Homelander series is a great example of it. To limit spoilers of this book, I will just give a brief description of the first few pages. So, there is this boy named Charlie West and he lived a normal teenagers life with friends,  family,  and… terrorists? Charlie wakes up with no memory and he is strapped to chair, beaten and tortured. Now, he has to regain his memory back to stop a crazy terrorist group called the Homelanders.


Favorite thing to waste time on: My favorite thing to do to waste time, is to watch sports. I love sports, almost any sport. I love watching college football, college basketball, the NFL, and the NBA. But, I do watch my fair share of the NHL and the MLB. (Come, on Predators, losing to the Blackhawks like that!?) Although I could spend all day talking about my favorite players on my favorite teams of my favorite divisions of my favorite conferences of my favorite sports. But, that would take a lot of time to do so. My ABSOLUTE favorite sport would be the NFL.


Favorite Food: My favorite food has to be eggs and bacon. Bacon and eggs are the gods of breakfast. If you don’t like bacon and eggs, there is something wrong with you. This breakfast combo brings a bunch of protein to, as well as to slap you in the face, and say ”Hey! Wake up!” Although food items from breakfast are a little obscure in the topic about favorite foods, I believe that bacon and eggs dominate the food business.

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Interactive Story (Part 2) See Nike Run.

Nike was quick to his feet. He knew if he didn’t act now, he would be toast. He used his hiking equipment to move up the volcano. He knew the rules about this certain volcano: You got 3 minutes and you’re dead, man. He was almost half-way up the volcano he saw the red-hot stream of red when he peeked over his shoulder. He needed to work double time. Nike had about a 1 minute and a half before this rock exploded. Nike was panicking as he kept climbing the volcano up. Nike was tired, very tired, but he had to keep going, for he was 3/4 up the volcano. Nike finally got out! Nike was out of the volcano with seconds to spare. He quickly yelled at everyone to run, as the volcano erupted and lava spewed everywhere. Everybody kept running until they got to a safe location. Finally everyone got a breather. Nike remembered about the fire lizard, Xeggats. He took out the lizard from his pocket and told the group ”Hey, look what I found!” ”What is it?” asked Tim, Nike’s son. ”It’s a lizard that can live in a volcano” exclaimed Nike. ”Wow that pretty cool!” Bob, Nike’s other son yelled. ”I named it Xeggats. said Nike ”That was quite a scare” exclaimed the lizard.


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National Bad Puns Day.

Hello ladies and germanium! You didn’t expect that. It was an ELEMENT of surprise. Speaking of surprises, I have something to PRESENT to you, National Bad Pun Day. Now, at first you might not think its very PUNNY, and to be be honest my idea is a PUNISHMENT. Maybe that PUNISHMENT should be the PUNITENTIARY. Just think about it though. If you were a banker, you should quit because you would lose interest. Ha-ha! National Bad Puns Day should be on the first Monday of May, so it would be called Pun-day Monday.  I dedicate this day to the time a man assaulted me with eggs, milk, and butter. How DAIRY! Anyway, with the lack of humorous holidays, (except for April Fools Day) it would nice to see a holiday just meant for fun.


I guess you can figure out what happens on National Bad Puns Day. Of course you would get off school for this amazing holiday. The internet would blow up if this would happen. (because there are already a bunch of bad puns of the internet) Pun-day would be great because everyone could join in. A lot of people could not join in a lot of holidays because of religious reasons. National Bad Puns Day would take over Easter! So I’ll let you guys with a hilarious pun I found on the internet.



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So what do you think? Would you like National Bad Puns Day? Or would you get sick of it in 5 minutes? Leave a comment to share what you think.

Interactive Story (Part 1) Fiery Fate

Nike was a very brave scientist. Nike was diving into the active volcano, Etna. Nobody even dared to go down the most active volcano in Europe.


Of course, he wouldn’t dare to go down without protection. Heat resistance was a must have for all of his equipment. The volcano has not erupted in over a month. The volcano was due for another eruption sooner or later. Nike had equipment that looks like it would be used for hiking. Hooks, Safety cords, a backpack with other equipment, the whole kazoo!


But right before he dropped down to his fiery fate, he gave his children, Tim and Bob, a hug before getting slowly lowered into the volcano. Nike was excited and nervous at the same time. It’s as if he couldn’t figure out his emotions. He pondered for a bit and realized that if this volcano erupted when he was inside, he would be a goner.


When Nike looked around, he found a new species lizard that could survive extreme heat! Nike wondered where the lizard got its water. Nike recorded what he saw, picked up the lizard, and named it the Xeggats. Then the volcano rumbled.



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No Cents for C’s


I don’t want to go to school! Homework is boring! What the point of school?

   Have you ever said any of these statements* before? Why do you like school? Odds are you don’t. Do you just slug out of your bed slowly, but surely get dressed for school and continue your day at school? But, what if I could make getting up and going to school 10 times easier? The answer is (of course!) money!

            Paying student has been an idea sparked and debated almost as much as  sleeping in until 10am to go to school. According to a poll, 61% of students believe that paying students is a good idea. Of course, the other 39% are just parents that nag about everything about how their children should not be rewarded for being above proficient in their academic career without their child having an opinion about the topic.


             Paying students can do a lot to help the student. Teaching the student about the value of money can easily help the student provide a better life by learning how to be responsible with money faster. Paying students can lead to encouraged kids to doing  better in school. When kids do better in school, they produce a better world. More scientists would be on Earth. Those scientists could come up with inventions that help the world in a better way or could save the world with a solution to global warming, bring back extinct animals, and so much more! But most importantly, it will give your child a nice life in general

      Just think about it. School is awful to many and there is a reason why. Many parents say that an education is all that matters and that students don’t need money. But, I guarantee at least 75% of adults would quit their jobs if they didn’t get paid because that’s the reason. Money is the center of everything! Money provides happiness, joy, and overall satisfaction. Money shows someone that, hey, good job pal, have this! School and work all almost the same. Both require to get up early. (Usually) Both require to be good at a certain action or subject. Both require superiors. There’s just 1 key difference, no sort of rewarding system is in place at school.

Apparently, the government can’t cough up any money because that’s ‘’too much money.’’ But I hear them say that right after they spend $5,000,000,000 on Obamacare. Let the students decide what they want. But no! Parents want to step in and say 100% of their child’s education. I mean give them a break! Education is as important to me as the next guy, but my goal is to make this world a better place to live on. More engineers, more scientists, more teachers, more doctors, new ideas, new inventions, all of this could be created when we can increase the interest in kids’ education! Homework would be easier to suck up when you know you will be rewarded. It’s just like cleaning your room when you were about 6 years old. You do well, you get a reward!

Well, I don’t want to drone on about this all day, but I believe that this is an issue of utmost importance. Some kids believe that an education is all that matters, and an education is very important, but you still get the same education as before, but you just get a better encouragement. Since most adults will not agree, this law will most likely never to be held to place and if it is, it would be vetoed. But, would you want your child to be a gas station attendant that has a crummy apartment and have a loan on a van, or a very high class physicist with a high paying job and a very happy life? I’m just saying, this idea could save your kids from having a crummy life.

*statements may or not be questions as well


My Blog Audit

Throughout my blog, I always find ways to improve, I find any errors in information, spelling, or anything else I found unnecessary or otherwise needed more explanation. But today, I will be taking the ultimate improvement, my blog audit. To start off, I asked a classmate of mine, Alexis (Check out her blog if you haven’t already) for her critique.

The first question I asked her is ”What were your first impressions of this blog?” She liked the interesting posts and how I have a variety of posts. (60% Student blogging challenge, 30% school related, and 10% other)

The second question was “What captured your attention?” Alexis said that my Christmas Poem post was especially attention capturing.

The third question was “What distracted you on the blog?” Personally, the Pac-man widget was very distracting.

The last question was “What could I do to improve my blog?” Personally, a schedule of posts would be very nice.

Now it is time for my opinion on improving my blog. I think I should (like what Alexis said) have a schedule on when I post (once a week, every 10 days, etc.) I think I should also find a more interactive way to communicate whit other bloggers.

Well the end of the Student Blogging Challenge is almost over so, I might not be posting for a while, anyway, for all who’s reading my blog: Thank you and goodbye!


Ebola: Not a Digital Bowling Game


The Virus: Ebola. It has killed thousands, infected tons, scared billions. This outbreak of Ebola is the biggest in recorded history. There have been outbreaks of the past, but they were either contained or the patient died. I’m not trying to scare anyone. In fact, Ebola is quite hard to spread. Ebola spreads through bodily fluids, such as saliva, blood, and urine³. The Ebola virus spreads through the body in a long straight path. The symptoms for the early stage of Ebola include: headaches, fatigue, fever, and muscle soreness. Next, we have stage 2 symptoms which include: sudden high fever, vomiting blood, and passive behavior. After stage 2, we have stage 3 symptoms that include: bruising, brain damage, and bleeding from the mouth, eyes, and nose. Finally, there is stage 4 symptoms that include: loss of conciseness, seizures, massive internal bleeding, and death.²



The Media: The media makes people panic the most. Ebola has been spread to people in America a few times, but a lot of those people were cured. Only 1 person in America has died of Ebola. However, I can’t say the same about West Africa. Thousands of people died from Ebola. Although it is very easy to get Ebola in West Africa, it is very hard to contract it in the United States. The media overworks everyone into thinking that they will contract Ebola. To sum it up, Ebola is a problem in West Africa, but it is not a problem here.


The Help: This Ebola case will not die out on its own. This Ebola case is not something we can sweep under the rug. Ebola is a big issue. Thousands of people and hundreds of kids are infected. It is believed that you can’t get Ebola twice, but this is just a theory of course¹. So many organizations, companies, and even websites have some sort of funding for Ebola. Just look at Wikipedia for example. Wikipedia will ask for you to give to the cause or should I say, to kill the cause(Ebola.) This disease can be stopped with just a little help from other people and yourself as well. If you do so, this disease will all be a memory.


For more information about Ebola please go here.






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Count 3 Challenge


1. I first started off by visiting Sionra Online through randomly looking through the student list of the Student Blogging Challenge. I noticed that there were some links on the side of her blog, so I then I clicked on a link and it took me to Lauren Online. Just like on Sionra’s blog, there were some other blogs on the side of the blog so I clicked on one again. That link brought me to Lucy’s Amazing Learning. I found a post that had a Prezi in it so I left a comment saying how good it was.(You should check it out here.)


2. Once again, I started by looking at the student list of the Student Blogging Challenge. I ended up on a blog called Inspiration. The were some links on that blog, so I clicked on Teggy’s blog. On that blog, there was a  lot of blog links, so I clicked on another one. Finally, I ended up on a blog called Surprises from Sophia. I commented about two quotes and which one was better.


3. I first started off by once again, looking through the student list at random. I started by checking out Ariana Online and she had a link on her blog! I can’t believe I found a blog with a link on it on my first try! I mean seriously, it took forever. This post took about 3 hours to make! Anyway, I found a link that took me to Ocean’s Blog. From Ocean’s Blog, there was a link to Dayna’s Winter Blog. I then commented about a quiz about her.(I hope I do good) With that, I have to wrap up this post. See you later!

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