Interactive Story (Part 1) Fiery Fate

Nike was a very brave scientist. Nike was diving into the active volcano, Etna. Nobody even dared to go down the most active volcano in Europe.


Of course, he wouldn’t dare to go down without protection. Heat resistance was a must have for all of his equipment. The volcano has not erupted in over a month. The volcano was due for another eruption sooner or later. Nike had equipment that looks like it would be used for hiking. Hooks, Safety cords, a backpack with other equipment, the whole kazoo!


But right before he dropped down to his fiery fate, he gave his children, Tim and Bob, a hug before getting slowly lowered into the volcano. Nike was excited and nervous at the same time. It’s as if he couldn’t figure out his emotions. He pondered for a bit and realized that if this volcano erupted when he was inside, he would be a goner.


When Nike looked around, he found a new species lizard that could survive extreme heat! Nike wondered where the lizard got its water. Nike recorded what he saw, picked up the lizard, and named it the Xeggats. Then the volcano rumbled.



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  1. Miss W.

    G’day Jonah,
    What a great start to the story! You could use a poll widget called polldaddy where your visitors vote and it keeps a record.

    Also a great image of a volcano would catch the eye of your readers.

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