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Veteran’s Day in 200 words

   Veterans Day can be the most emotional day for veterans and for families that have veterans. It doesn’t matter if it’s grandpa, grandma, uncle, or dad. You need to thank them for their sacrifice and willingness to fight for our country. Veterans go through so many traumatic events that people think it is unreal. Veterans go through hard training, battles, war, and military food. Veterans have to leave their family at the doorstep from a week to as long as years. Veterans miss important events such as birthdays, Christmas, and other important events. To many people, including veterans themselves, leaving their family would be impossible and painful.

Veterans Day was originally dedicated to the veterans of World War I, but after World War II, Veterans Day was dedicated to all the veterans of America. Veterans are true patriots, dedicating themselves to fight and protect their county, even if it means veterans leave their families. Going to the military comes at a cost however, it might cost veterans their lives. Veterans are brave and strong. Veterans risk their lives protecting the lives of the many. Veterans have honor and are brave. Go thank a veteran, it’s the least you can do.